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Rica's son will have a clan of his own one day, and their mother has become sober. The ruler will ask Rica to convey their well-wishes to Orzammar's king. The ruler decides that the Alienage will have its own ruler, someone to speak in the Landsmeet as an equal.

They ask Cyrion Tabris to be the first Bann of the Alienage, if he is willing. The ruler promises that this is just a start. Keeper Maretharion behalf of her people, is offered the Hinterlands north of the Korcari Wildsincluding Ostagarto do with as they will.

The ruler looks forward to providing the rest of their people a shining example of how elves and humans should co-exist. Knight-Commander Greagoir is told by the ruler that they wish the Circle to be restored. As they understand the Veil at the tower is too weak, they wish that a new tower be built, with the Chantry 's aid, that will bear the Hero's name. They also grant the new Circle autonomy, saying that what has happened Epiloque what a substantial contribution a mage can make, and that they have earned the opportunity to prove that they can watch themselves.

Additionally, all available party members will be present for the ceremony, as will the following NPCs if they are alive and certain conditions are met:. Alistair will give a speech in the Landsmeet Chamber if:. The ruler offers the Hero a boon, and inquires about the Hero's future plans. The player's choices affect the epilogue slideshow and Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening. The Hero may speak with those companions who had not left the party or been killed.

There will also be someone from the Hero's origin story in attendance:. If asked, Fergus will say that he never made Epiloque to the battle at Ostagar. He and his men were scouting in the Wilds when they were attacked by a party of darkspawn. Most of his men were killed. He woke up two weeks later in a Chasind hut, wounded and feverish. By the time he was able to sneak out of the Wilds, the Warden was already marching to Denerim.

He is now heading back to Highever to see if he can clean up the mess Howe made of it. Gorim Saelac will tell the Hero that both of them have had their full rights to House Aeducan restored. If Pyral Epiloque is kinghe declares the Hero to be the heir of the House. The Assembly is also considering naming the Hero a Paragon. Gorim is happy to take up his old position as the Hero's secondif they will have him.

Rica Brosca will tell the Hero that their mother swore off drinking when she heard about what the Hero did, and had been sober ever since. If Bhelen Aeducan was killed, Rica will say that it worked out just fine; her son will be the Aeducan heir, and she doesn't have a husband to boss her around. She is officially an Ambassador, sent by the Assembly to tell the Hero that they're free to return to Orzammar as a full citizen, technically as a member of the warrior caste.

They are also being considered for Paragon-hood. Cyrion is awed by, and proud of, the Hero. If the Hero doubts that anything will change for the Alienage elves, he will say, "And this is your fault? If anything, for Ferelden to have an elven hero will only do us good," and expresses his hope that with a new human on the throne, things will change in time. Ashalle brings the well wishes of the clan, and tells the Hero the keeper was very proud of their victory.

The Hero is missed dearly by the clan. Unless the PC sided with the templars in Broken CircleFirst Enchanter Irving will be present and will congratulate and thank the Hero, saying that he is amazed to hear such praise directed at a mage.

Loghain has been tapped to lead up the Grey Warden recruitment efforts in Ferelden, something that he believes is down to Anora's influence. If his Approval is Warm, he will tell the Hero that they have earned his respect. Oghren has decided to stick around a bit. He says they may have already branded him a surfacer back in Orzammar.

Sten has decided to return to his people, and has a ship prepared to leave in two days' time. If Wynne's Approval is Warm or better, she will tell the Hero that Irving asked her to take over as first enchanter, but she doesn't wish to go back after all that has happened.

Zevran expects the Crows to come after him, and thinks that staying in one place is only going to invite them to find him that much quicker. He will ask if the Hero is in favor of him remaining with them, whether they are staying in Denerim, leaving, or returning to the Grey Warden fold. A crowd has gathered outside, hoping to see the Hero of Ferelden. Once you approach the doors at the far end of the chamber and tell the guard you're ready to go, the epilogue slideshow will begin, followed by the credits.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This article is missing some information. The effects on the post-coronation ceremony of the female HN marrying Alistair. Confirmation whether leaving Alistair at the gate is a factor in this. Done for:: Female mage where unromanced Alistair sacrificed himself and Anora is queen. Anora states that Arl Eamon is gesturing to her, but he is not present. In the place where Epiloque normally stands is a man talking to the air. It will only mention that the Hahren has been raised to the court of Denerim, upsetting the nobility.

Help the wiki by adding the missing information. Contents [ show ]. Note: For all other origins, Amaranthine is granted to the Grey Wardens by the ruler. Note: Ferelden's new ruler will gift the arling of Amaranthine to the Wardens even if this boon isn't chosen, for a Hero of any origin. Note: Choosing this option effectively means choosing no boon, as the ruler does not make the offer again when next spoken to. Note: If Alistair or The Warden took part in Morrigan's ritual, a grey dog identical to the one Morrigan shape-shifts into if her offer of the ritual is rejected is seen next to Sten, with Dog on the other side of him.

Alistair spent a great deal of time at court, showing willingness to learn the art of governing from Anora and often deferring to her judgment--and no one was more surprised by this than Anora herself. Many said the chaos of the civil war and Landsmeet were worth it for delivering such beloved monarchs.

With both the king and queen actively involved in running their kingdom, the need for Epiloque advisor diminished with time. Anora was a skilled governor, adept at matters of court and more than willing to spend her time judging matters of law from the throne He traveled frequently, making personal appearances that delighted commoners to no end. The former Grey Warden enjoyed King Alistair's full confidence, however, and thus great influence in running the kingdom--more than the queen would like, probably, but she had little choice.

With the king seldom seen and disinclined to offer the chancellor his support, Queen Anora has the most sway over the running of the kingdom and arguments with her chancellor generally end in her victory. The hero of Ferelden continues to enjoy great popularity in Ferelden, however, and maintains considerable political influence.

He proved quite popular with the people, his humor and easy grace winning them over as much as his willingness to sneak out of the castle and mingle in the lower-class taverns on occasion. He traveled often, making appearances in towns throughout Ferelden to the great delight of the commoners. They referred to him as a king with the "common touch," even if a few knew it was a simple aversion to life at court.

In truth, the chancellor ruled the nation, Epiloque, and did so with King Alistair's blessing. Whenever the chancellor left Denerim on personal affairs, the business of the court effectively came to a standstill. As both their savior and new ruler, she proved incredibly popular among the people, and Alistair allowed his bride a great deal of leeway to act as she wished. The two toured the nation soon afterwards, and the people were ecstatic to see how the king adored his new bride.

Trade agreements with other lands quickly brought new funds into the royal coffers, and with them, the queen saw the capital rebuilt.

The army was restored, laws were passed to encourage freeholders to produce sufficient harvests, and plans were conceived for a university. The statue was largely ignored, save by Anora herself, who voyaged out to the statue once a year to place flowers at its feet. The monument was built overlooking the Orlesian embassy It became popular, and in time, Loghain's darker deeds were forgotten in favor of his more heroic ones. Though prospective suitors from other nations visit Denerim from time to time, the queen's only comment is that all of them fall far short of the bar she measures them against: that of her father.

Queen Anora conferred with her chancellor over matters of state, and it was easy to see that the former Grey Warden had great sway over the kingdom's rule. Many said that if the two did not end up vying for control of the throne, they would usher in a new golden age not seen since King Calenhad first united the barbarian tribes.

The manuscript detailing his research and his experience with Andraste 's cult drew huge interest among scholars throughout Thedas.

Agents of the Chantry sent into the mountains found little more than empty ruins. There were no cultists, and more importantly, no Sacred Ashes. Several years later, Genitivi's research was declared fiction and his work discredited.

He killed himself not long afterwards. As it laid waste to the countryside in its rampage, rumors began to circulate of a strange cult that believed this was Andraste returned. Efforts to locate the dragon's lair failed, and no connection was made to the Urn of Sacred Ashes, while the cult rapidly gained converts. A ripple of excitement spread among the pious people of Thedas, with many undertaking pilgrimages to see the Ashes or partake of their healing powers.

They were located, however, in ruins that were also the lair of a high dragon, thus proving too dangerous to approach. Many made demands to secure the Ashes so that followers could undertake pilgrimages to partake of their healing powers. An excavation found no traces of the Urn.

Still others say that the Maker Himself removed the Urn, deeming mankind unworthy of it. For now, what happened to the Urn is simply unknown If the Urn of Sacred Ashes was in those ruins once, it was no longer. Rumors of what happened increased the common folk's distrust of magesand more than one young apprentice claimed to encounter mages thought long dead still wandering in the Fade. His health failed over time, and after refusing treatment, he perished in his sleep.

Knight-Commander Cullen was said to be more strict and less trusting of the mages even than Greagoir was. He ruled the Circle with fear. After more than a year, he was finally released. His spirit broken, Irving allowed himself to be sent to the Circle of Val Royeaux in Orlais, where he served as an administrator for the remainder of his days. No further abominations were created, and First Enchanter Irving was pleased to declare the Circle safe.

All that could be saved had been. After months of attempting to convince his superiors that the tower was still a danger, he finally snapped and killed three apprentices before being stopped by his fellow templars. Eventually, Cullen escaped from prison, a madman and a threat to any mage he encountered. New law gave the elves more trading rights and their own militia within the Alienage.

That outspokenness earned her frequent trouble, but served her people well. The resulting riot in the Alienage forced a crack-down from the throne, a clear signal that the tension with the elves had not been resolved.

Angered, Soris resigned his title and left Ferelden with his new wife. No new bann was named to replace him. The influx built ire among the human population and eventually resulted in a riot in Denerim, showing that as much as things change, they always stay the same.

The resulting riot in the Alienage forced a crack-down from the throne, a clear signal that tensions with the elves were far from resolved. The rumors of slave traders working secretly in the shadows persisted until riots in the Alienage forced the throne to intervene. The slavers were shut down, but not without the loss of many elven lives. Note: This takes place if the Warden makes a deal with Caladrius and the latter keeps the slaves.

The new king even named the local elder to his personal court--a scandal amongst the humans, but a sign of new hope to the elves. A food shortage years later forced Queen Anora to come down hard on elven rioters, an act not quickly forgiven and a sign that tensions between the elves and humans were far from resolved. He enjoyed success there, at least for a time. After the initial scandal, Soris left the city and settled in Higheverwhere he and his new wife had many children.

The village was a ruin, however, and rumors that it was haunted kept people from returning in numbers. The castle became near-empty, with only a handful of soldiers to man it. Redcliffe itself dwindled in importance. He found the village already bustling and eager to leave behind the memories of those terrible nights facing the undead. Bann Teagan ruled over Redcliffe in his stead, and was surprised to find himself well-loved by the villagers, who were still grateful for the nights he spent defending their lives.

In time, Eamon abdicated in favor of his brother After a frantic search, he was eventually given up for lost. His disappearance remains a mystery to this day. At his father's urging, Connor accepted a position in Tevinter to undertake formal study of the Fade.

The birth was difficult, however, and Isolde died in Eamon's arms. He named the child Rowan, after his own sisterand raised her with a loving hand. When she began to exhibit affinity for magic at a young age, he gave her over to the Circle for training--but continued to visit her and loved her no less than before.

The foundry did well, turning her into a wealthy and respected woman. By chance, she met Teagan again at court--and within months, the two of them married. Few believe that such tall tales could possibly be true. With the money she was given, she opened a brewery of her own.

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    This page reveals the various endings that occur in the epilogue of Dragon Age: Origins.. After the cutscene when the Archdemon is killed, the coronation cutscene will play. Grand Cleric Elemena will crown either Alistair or Anora the sole ruler of Ferelden, or both Alistair and Anora as joint rulers.. The PC has been named the Hero of Ferelden.. If the Hero died in the climax, the funeral.
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