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Shebeleza - Various - Shapa Bafana Shapa (CD) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Shebeleza - Various - Shapa Bafana Shapa  (CD)
Label: Gallo - CDGMP 41033 • Format: 2x, CD Compilation • Country: South Africa • Genre: Hip Hop, Folk, World, & Country •

And it's fantastic! Labels: kurdishkurdistanmusicturkey. I've been taught that it is a breach of netiquette to reproduce comments from Google Reader. So I'm not going to relate a conversation I read a couple of months ago between two scholars I respect a great deal, though the gist was that Los Angeles jerk music was just too commercial.

Oh, they didn't use that exact term, but I got the drift. They talked about "genre-brands" and "entering into the symbolic circuits of consumer capitalism", and if they didn't use the preposterous, worker-demeaning term "affective labour" it was probably by accident.

Jerk which I don't think either of them dislike, by the way supposedly was close in the way it presented itself to the commercial end of capitalism, and contained a bunch of aspects that supposedly pegged it as particularly interested in selling itself.

Well, I beg to differ. Juke is also consistently wonderful music, but it certainly plays much closer to the capitalist rules, and is in many ways much more in line with a capitalist ideal.

And I think calling it "consumer capitalist" is making jerk's quiet rebellion a great disservice. What was the most successful capitalist music product online last year? Obviously, such a product's quality is to be measured in the only language that capitalism understands: sales.

Thus the most capitalist product in downloadable media was, by a good distance, neither Lady Gaga nor the Black Eyed Peas but the extremely successful album Only by the Night by Kings of Leon. It's aesthetic is entirely in a supposedly non-capitalistic, "alternative" mode, with a hand-painted album cover, sullen-looking, black-clad album photos, and a sort of supposedly earnest rock music that's miles from Flo Rida.

The same relationship exists with juke and jerk. Jerk is spreading to poor communities as far away as panamabut juke is definitely the most promising capitalist product - it's got major backing from the hot and hip, and is apparently all over London right now. And yet, it is seen as less commercial!

So, bizarrely, is dubstep, perhaps the single most successful new electronic music form of the last decade. From my point of view, though, a much better biological analogy is that of symbiosis, what a feminist like me would call intersectionality: the fact that capitalism closely associates and connects itself to other systems of power, other dichotomies that divide the world.

Clear, unambiguous, oversimplified divisions like "mainstream" vs "alt" allows capitalism to thrive, and it in turn creates and nourishes the power dimension that these divisions rely on.

Take the rebel archetype, the idea of someone who's supposedly standing up to power. As it looks like right now, the rebel is a complete bourgeois, patriarchal, pro-violence invention of the romantic era - inevitably male, inevitably black-clad, inevitably seething with agression.

Into this archetype all kinds of people get sucked in - how often have not delinquent street gangs, bikers, warrior groups been recast as "rebels" of some sort? And whether it likes it or not, juke fits right into the ideal: all-male, industrial-set, clad in mainly dour colours, hyper-competitive in a warrior mode, with footwork crews named stuff like "Wolf Pac" and "Terra Squad" talk about self-branding, by the way.

Only of course it appeals immensely to capitalism itself as well. Companies have profited majorly of that particular rebel stereotype, which is built immensely on consumption of a particular image.

In some ways, reducing the supposed left to a bunch of middle-class, revolution-dreaming, black-clothes-buying patriarchal rebels is capitalism's greatest achievement, because it totally neutralises any real opposition. Autonomic Marxism and Shebeleza - Various - Shapa Bafana Shapa (CD) really go hand in hand. Jerk, by contrast, is a totally different kind of beast. It takes this particular capitalist dichotomy and totally fucks it over.

Women are much more visible, the colours are bright, the competition is toned down how non-capitalist is that! And they stay away from traditional capitalist channels to a large extent, existing on hard-to-monetise youtube, releasing 96 kbps MP3s, dancing on streets and rooftops. It remains difficult to categorise and thus difficult to monetise; besides one moderate mid-chart hit, it's really not produced a whole lot of value to capitalism at all.

And its ambiguties and lack of a clear archetype have created a lot more stirring in the general sentiment see the skinny jeans debate than juke and footwork ever could. It's far from as clear. But clarity, of course, is a capitalist virtue Labels: dancingfeminismjerkjukeMarxismmusicpolitics.

I think I may have found a new favourite contemporary vocalist, just last week. The production is stale and sounds several years old, and even lacks that bassiness that makes zouklove wonderful. But the vocalist! She's not got great range or great dynamic expressiveness, I'll grant you. But she does one thing immensely, immensely well - she takes fast-moving, rhythmically precise singing to another level entirely by making it sound perfectly effortless and simple.

Soft as a simple voice, yet extremely complex in the perfect precision with which she places her notes. And she does it fucking polyrhythmically!

Take the chorus, for instance. The result is bloody fantastic, she completely runs counter to the main rhythm and makes it sound effortless as fuck. Bonus: Another dude that can sound like Autotune with just his natural voice. Bakary - Femme de la Nuit Mediafire. Labels: goldeemusicpolyrhythmrhythmzouk.

It's been a couple of years since I last really seriously looked into the music scene of Bhutanwhose Sebastien Tellier -meets- Miami Bass drum machine-driven pop still makes it one of my favourite Asian countries.

I've done a few half-hearted searches for scraps, but then today through some absurd, self-glitching youtube-mp3-leeching site I found a bunch of new search words that have turned up more excellent material.

So here you go, a bunch more Bhutanese tracks, hopefully whetting your appetites for even bigger amounts. Labels: bhutanmusicrigsar. The jejemons of the Phillipines are perhaps not as musically interesting as some of the other groups in the matrix, but their linguistic inventiveness they've even got their own alphabet, sorry jejebet, and a weird mixed Tagalog-English sociolect and their fun fashion totally makes up for it.

Although the Indonesian Department of Education doesn't seem to think so. And of course the name, involving a Spanish-Tagalog-English-Japanese linguistic clash, is pretty awesome in itself. These videos show some of the more mainstream, high-end jejemons, all wearing "jejecaps" and a variety of fun, colourful street clothing.

Note the distinct lack of actual Skinny Jeans in the second video. One web store defines jejemon wear as: Jejecap - the jejecaps are rainbow colored caps. Now please bring on the "self-branding means they're all capitalist stooges" critiques. Labels: fashionjejemonmusicphilippinessubculturetrends. Everyone and their grandmother has posted tracks featuring Vuvuzelas as part of the sound palette during this world cup, so this is very much a late challenge and barely escapes a yellow through it actually being a South African track, which I believe none of the others are.

It's also got a really nice chorus of "Vuvu-zeeeeela, vuvu-zela" which is a bonus, and was apparently an official Bafana Bafana supporter's anthem. This is precisely the sort of thing the all-pervasive nature of Facebook should facilitate, at least in theory, and if anyone has more good MP3-exchanging groups from less-well-known countries give me a shout out.

Labels: kwaitomusicmzansi housesouth africasportvuvuzela. Tikitech while I was away. The animals never stop coming in faux-African music, do they? Here's a bunch from the last month or so. I could probably fill a whole page with just material that associates the current World Cup with safari animals instead of, you know, creatures that actually play football but that veers outside the mission of this series a little bit.

Here, though, is a World Cup cash-in compilation released by a Berlin label that fits riiiiight in there: [Compilation on Faluma Africa. Who's white. Note also the prominent hummingbird; hummingbirds are endemic to the Americas. This next one is a bit borderline, 'cause the African-fakeness is not worn on the sleeve. Still, that is one mighty big African animal, and Baobinga is of course certainly in the global ghettotech blogging game.

Via Bass music ] And finally, here's an Austrian tribal-house street album cover featuring monkeys. And a ship, you say? Yeah, that's not a colonialist symbol at all. Via Ghetto Bazaar ] These things really seem to come to the forefront in Summer. I'm sure July will offer its share of tikitech visual delight. Labels: global ghettotechmusictikitikitech.

I normally never walk past the Caspian Food Store here in Kista, since it's in an area that the city planners in their infinite wisdom have decided is to be unreachable by foot! I promptly bought a couple. The titles of the albums are very generic in the "Persian Collection Vol. I like the chugging starkness of this one, it reminds me of bass-frequency-oriented 80s disco by artists like OFF and Franek Kimonoonly funkier.

Barobax feat. Gamno - Soosan Khanoom Mediafire This one I can't decide whether to love or hate - it's inconsistent, and jumps all over the place, and seems to be a novelty humour piece, but the lilting groove is amazing when it works.

And it has Vocoder. Saman's Bahaar has a classic melody, and this remix adds a lovely synth solo and a wicked drive. Leans over into techno-schlager hell a bit, but it just works I think, especially past the first verse.

Saman - Bahaar Remix by? Disco and the guy's vocal uniqueness saves it. Plus it has breath sounds and rapper that sounds like a prepubescent boy. To Hungary. I planned to Blog during my absence but the weather and company was too nice.

Labels: iranmusicpop. Facebook, much hated among a lot of you, has reworked its "pages" feature in a very interesting way. Used to be, people registered a "fan page" of someone or something, and you could then attach yourself to that phenomenon, via system similar to the groups. If no fan page existed, you were out of luck - you had to create and run one of your own if you wanted information about something.

Now, they've done some technical jiggery-pokery, and suddenly the system has been completely overhauled: whatever you've indicated as "likes" in your profile music, movies, books etc. Although apparently this will only last a short while until they've found moderators for everything, it means there are suddenly potentially infinite "walls" that people can be fans of stuff on. Lots of interesting postings on any topic you, well, like, seemingly harvested at random from other peoples' postings.

Fuck those privacy controls. Logobi, for instance, has a discussion-rich fan page which is just starting out. Looking for new phenomena linked out of it, I get a posting asking " Labels: esotericresearchinternetlogobimusictallava. I wish I knew enough Portuguese to be able to decipher the following brilliant, low-end-heavy piece of Mozambican snap, but it's easily the coolest track about Blogging I've ever heard anyway.

And a track about the actual phenomenon of remixing stuff. Also a great idea! Labels: blogosphereblogsmarrabentamozambiquemusic. I've blogged absolute tons about the Eurovision Song Contest in past years but other commitments have kept from even keeping proper track myself this year. However, I just have to share the original, since remixed version of the Greek entry, which takes the whole concept of "ringtone pop" to another level: Anyway, To make up for my Eurovision slackness in general, I'm going to be live-tweeting the contest instead, starting in around three hours.

Follow me at Birdseeding on twitter. Labels: eurovisiongreecemusic. Scene: I'm in the studio of manele superstar producer Dan Bursuc.

Suddenly, growing tired of a half-finished track, the arranger brings up a decade-old hit by Florin Salam to play around with while Lele takes a much-needed break. The track has a touch of reggae about its arrangement, and it seems the vocals have caught a tinge of that as well, feeling vaguely sing-jayish in phrasing while remaining manele-melismatic in melody.

He samples and loops a section - starting at - and dumps the arrangement right out, to try to create a new one for it. He quickly puts down some General MIDI lines - in the real songs almost always VSTs or electronic instruments, of course - but then he gets stuck on what to do with the more high-pitched of the basslines.

Using a cheesy Slap Bass patch, he thinks of doing some sort of funk arrangement, but what he comes out with instead is straightforwardly a clave, dom-dom-dom, dom dom. He doesn't like it much. He plays around with it, and to my astonishment I'm sitting on the couch behind him he suddenly plonks down a bassline that sounds extremely much like the Bam Bam riddimexcept with the first and second bars in opposite order After a bit of decoration, he decides the excercise is futile and dumps the whole file.

Time to record the next Lele track. Labels: global ghettotechinfluencemanelemusicromania. Okay, let's see if having some access to a network and being privilidged helps any, eh?

Dan Bursuc top left is manele's most prolific and successful producer by a long shot. I've interviewed him several times during the past week. He's an open, larger-than-life man with a sharp sense of business and marketing, and is extremely proud of his Roma and ultimately Indian heritage. As I left, I asked if there's anything I could do for him, and he asked me to see if I could locate a certain type of musician on very short notice.

Dan Bursuc is looking for an English-language rapper or deejay, or grime mc - the styles flow into each other in Romania. Skillful is good, famous is absolutely not necessary. The rapper has to be willing to learn to perform a verse in Romani. And he's trying to find one by next weekto guest on the supremely talented future-of-manele whizkid Lele's upcoming album. Bursuc will pay for transport and accomodation. I've got friends in Romania who will happily help translate and interpret. Anyone got any ideas who would fit into this role, and would like to stay a few days in beautiful sunny Bucharest?

I'm a touch ambivalent at manele being sucked into the whole hip global circus, but on the other hand they're really reaching out and the new stuff I heard in the studio is brilliant, connecting beautifully to both tradition and modernity. The Roma in Romania feel an enormous kinship to African-Americans specifically, with whom they share a similar history of slavery, segregation and racial discrimination.

Labels: communitymanelemusicrapromaromania. Since I seem to have got a few new readers recently, here's a recap of the whole tikitech phenomenon before I bring up a large, oven-fresh batch of examples.

Instead of attaching themselves, as they'd previously done frequently, to the visual language associated with dance music genres from the developing world, they instead adopt an approach that borrows heavily from colonialist depictions of colonised places. Africa is represented as a safari, South America as a jungle, both particularly wild an untamed and dominated by animals rather than people.

This parallels the tiki revival's obsession with faux-polynesian artifacts and depopulated beaches, hence the name, coined in a Google Reader comment by Wayne. The music, as the visual imagery, is bereft of actual people from the developing world. It's the ultimate - possibly unconscious - colonialist fantasy of virgin land, free to be filled with whatever exotic content we desire. Here are today's examples: Diamond Bass This Portugese dude recently added me on Facebook and has been sending me a banana boatload of classically formulated tikitech since.

All of these are taken off his soundcloud page : In classic tiki music fashion, there are also frequent use of "actual" ie.

Hollywood jungle sounds in the tracks themselves. Also note the tiger in "Africa". Via gen bass. It doesn't present itself as particularly tropical put it doesappear on gen bassand there are both sampled and synthesised "jungle" sounds throughout the tracks, Shebeleza - Various - Shapa Bafana Shapa (CD). This is a series of uncorroborated rumours and ideas thrown at me from various people I've talked to about manele.

Until I finish my research none of it is to be regarded as empirically sound, well-collected evidence, and I'm not providing any source for any of it. Please correct me if I'm wrong about anything. No, not those loudness wars. During the communist era the Roma were an almost completely silenced group in Romania. Not fitting into the idea of national unity, they were silenced, their culture considered crudely derivative of the Ottoman one and unsuitable in the new Romania.

They were forbidden from playing their music, excluded from official records, barred from holding many jobs, and generally treated as second-hand citizens. After there should have been a change to all that but as we all know "free" capitalism and a racist social order doesn't work that way, and they were still consistently pushed to the lowest rungs of the social ladder, discriminated against at all levels, including officially. But free speech did bring one big change: the Roma could now be heard.

Focusing on the long-sword eventually leads to the study of other weapons such as the sword-andbuckler, pole-axe and mace. Members come from across the city and are attracted because of their love of history or to recon. Jooste, who makes his own swords and armour, explained there were two types of combat. Un-armoured combat sees well-padded combatants using padded swords in contrast to the steel wielded by combatants wearing suits of armour weighing up to 45kg in the armoured combat section.

Elizabeth explained the attraction. Children and dogs are most welcome. There is no charge for this walk. Non-profit organisations are welcome to send details of forthcoming events to NMT by faxing or e-mailing nmt caxton.

Phone LynDorothy Phone Heather Shaw Phone Jean Esterhuysen during office hours. Phone Lauraine Phonemilitary-history rapidttp. Improve your public speaking skills and learn leadership skills. Phone Dave Broom Phone the Guide Shop Join the fun, with a weekly talk on nutrition and learn about living a healthy lifestyle. Phone Howard, Carinahwarner absamail. Phone EvelynHennie Come have some fun while serving the community, and meet new people.

Phone IanHilary Support group for the lonely, depressed and neglected every Tuesday at 10am and Thursday at 4pm at 4 Ackerman Street, Albertville. Phone Valerie The group scouter represents the Fairlands scouts at district and scout meetings. Skakel die kerkkantoorkantoor melvillekruis. Churches and other religious organisations are welcome to e-mail details of their upcoming events to nmt caxton. Die Aucklandpark Baptiste Kerk, Sunburylaan 5, hou eredienste en kinderkerk om 9.

Skakel Hermanhermanroodt1 gmail. Friday youth programmes at 6pm and 8pm. Phone The church specialises in ministering with singing in English and sermons in Afrikaans to gay Christians.

Phone Philip Liebenbergwww. Phonestpeters. Phone Weltevreden Park, hosts Sunday serv. There are also two services during the week on Tuesdays at 9am and Wednesdays at 6. Phonefaxoffice stmikes. Phone Beryl Almal welkom. Skakel Pastoor Pepe van Askantoor ure. Die Gereformeerde Kerk Linden se fokus is meer Jesus, meer liefde, meer dissipels. Kom ervaar dit self by Sondagoggenddienste om 9.

Skakel die kerkkantoorwww. Phone Rev George Sass Triumphant Christian Church, cnr 4th Avenue Shebeleza - Various - Shapa Bafana Shapa (CD) Dublin Road, Westdene, is a vibrant, pentecostal charismatic church open to people of every tribe, tongue, colour and age. Phone Pastor Lionel Frank, trchch telkomsa. Phone Duncan Steele Dienste word op Sondae om Bybelskool en biduur vind plaas om 7nm op Dinsdae en Woensdae onderskeidelik.

Phonewww. Phone Pastor ClaudeColleen Hawes Sunday evening church at 6pm. Phone Rev Edwin Ngubane Week ending 25 June Daar word ook jeugdienste gehou, selgroepbyeenkomste en kategese. Kom gerus en skakel by ons in. Skakel die kerkkantoorngkerkvergesig telkomsa. Ministry in English, Sunday school for children, fellowship afterwards. Phone NoelStephanAnkie St Charles Catholic Church invites all to attend its healing course every Tuesday at 7. Secure parking available.

Interdenominational and evangelical. Skakel Pastoor Pieter Swanepoel Throughout the whole process from sourcing the installer to offering guidance throughout the installation process,I was never for one moment uncertain about anything or not sure when my installation will take place. Its great to have an alternative service provider, and I wish TOP TV the very best for the future and I am sure that they will do well because if this kind of service is any indication to go by,then I think that only the sky is the limit for this service provider.

However, for this father-of-two, the dream of being a full-time musician was put on hold so he could provide for his children. A local vet, who wished to remain anonymous, reported treating several pets petrified by the loud blowing of vuvuzelas. For such cases, we prescribed sedatives to help them cope. There are also effective homeopathic remedies available that may be bought across the counter at most surgeries to help keep your pet. Do not blow a vuvuzela in close range of your pet and if your dogs or cats are frightened by the sound, make.

Sama Award winner, Wouter Kellerman. Keep pets indoors during anticipated high noise level periods such as when vuvuzelas may used. The perils of bipolar disorder The South African Depression and Anxiety Group Sadag said bipolar disorder was the sixth leading cause of disability in the world and more than four million South Africans could have a mood disorder.

Bipolar disorder is an illness that causes severe mood swings, from manic highs to deep depression. Up to three to four percent of the population is affected by this illness. Thuli Malinga Wouter Kellerman is living proof that giving your all to do the best does get you to the top. I was just happy to be nominated and it was a nice surprise. The pupils had their faces painted, blew on vuvuzelas and made a great noise in honour of the tournament.

Selections took place at the University of Johannesburg basketball courts. The school excelled at basketball, with Green. The team won most of their matches and are currently second in their league. Thabo plays forward wing, Kwezi plays shooting guard and Thato plays both point and shooting guard positions.

Kill a Mocking Bird. The play, produced by Heleen Hofmeyr, also won nominations for best costume and best set, while Jonathan Caulder received a merit award for sound operation.

Purchase any one of these phones and get a free exclusive Sony Ericsson branded T-shirt. Hurry, while stocks last! Standard terms and conditions apply.

Visit www. Flags adorn the. You can see flags waving on car windows and aerials as cars arrive. We also celebrated the World Cup by having a party for Bafana Bafana. If ever a school could feel the fever it has to be Kidzone. The Cronwright triplets Jordan, Roxanne and Luke. Some girls prefer a manicure to watching sport! Meyrick has been an ardent fan of the Sharks for some time and when Isla Pearce from Richmark Holdings and John Allan from SA Rugby Legends organised tickets to a match, Meyrick made sure he was there to meet his hero.

Pinnochio nursery school in Fairland hosted a celebration party to celebrate kick-off day on 11 June. Dads were treated to their children singing the national anthem and soccer songs.

Guests also enjoyed coffee and cake in the shape of the South African flag. The children had lots of fun blowing their soccer whistles and playing with their soccer balls. Good luck Bafana Bafana! Xander De Beer blows his vuvuzela in support of Bafana Bafana. Casa do Sol school pupils listen avidly to Ronnie Recycler as he reminds them of the importance to save trees and recycle paper.

For this reason the school hosted two community outreach events, the first of which was an athletics day for Casa do Sol school. The Grade 12 Delta pupils assisted the Casa do Sol pupils, cheered them on, competed against them and ended off with dancing. The second event was Thusang. The event was hosted at Delta Park school for the third year and. Delta Park pupils and staff assisted with the games, food, parcels and the general organisation of the day.

Both events are hosted annually by Delta Park. Unforgettable lessons were learned about giving and being thankful for everything we usually take for granted. Please send your school news and photos to nmt caxton. Meet the real King Shaka Sipho Siso There is a new production on the life of the legendary King Shaka Zulu, but this time it portrays what producer and Melville resident, Deon Opperman, believes is the true embodiment of the late Zulu nation founder.

Babe is jy nog lief vir my? Join the internationally applauded Karen Zoid for a live performance that equals any on the current global stage.

The concert starts at 1pm and entrance is free. The show opens from 9am to 6pm Mondays to Saturdays and from 9am to 3pm Sundays. Prepare for a rainbow exhibition of polished gemstones, and crystals, crystal formations and mineral specimens. Other fascinating displays will include ammonite, trilobite and fish fossils, geodes, meteorite pieces and dinosaur eggs. There will be numerous books on gems and minerals, educational packs for. There will also be a scratch patch filled to the brim with tumbled stones of all colours and varieties.

Visitors will find an array of gemstone jewellery ranging from bold African styles and classic Victorian to elegant contemporary.

Displays of gemstone ornamental items will range from agate clocks, gemstone trees, eggs and spheres to quartz crystal lamps, trinket boxes and rock carvings. On 16 May well-known arts personalities Sheila Santilhano, Brent Record, Cheryl Curnick, Gordon Froud and Marina Aguiar selected the work to be shown on this exhibition - the outcome of the art competition run Shebeleza - Various - Shapa Bafana Shapa (CD) the Art Place to show the spirit or essence of South Africa.

The selected works will be on show until 10 July during the World Cup itself. They form a kaleidoscope of South African scenes and life. Gallery hours are Tuesdays to Saturdays from 9. The exhibition runs until 14 July.

Gallery hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm, Saturday 9am to 1pm. Phone Annali Cabano-Dempsey Send your arts news to nmt caxton. In relatively short order, he has established himself as one of the top dancers at SABT and in May was promoted to senior soloist. There is an open day on 31 July. Contact SABT Best prices. Service and advice. Free Quotes!! All areas. All ranges. Work guaranteed. Free Quotes.

Professional and personal service. Free deodorizer. Additions and alterations. We dryclean carpets. Special rates. Prompt council approval. All made to client specifications. Call: Willie Louw CH Full installations and C. Efficient Handymen. Flood damage. Suites from R40 p seat. Cr John cards taken. EST This should only Shebeleza - Various - Shapa Bafana Shapa (CD) a few seconds In the meantime please like us on Facebook! Share this Campaign.

Discuss this Campaign. Email Address. Message optional. Sending your email. Current profile picture. Use this image. Select from your Facebook photos Select album: Profile. Upload from your computer.


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    Richard Kasendwa aka Ziza Bafana started his professional music career in and he has never looked back hence becoming one of the best new school artists. Not very many artists of this generation stand out artistically but Ziza Bafana is proving to be a master of his unique dancehall music genre. This is a super showcase in his music.

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